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Making money with your website.

Before I get started, I want to let you know that this post may contain affiliate links,

which means that if you click on the links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no cost to you

web hosting plans from siteground
SiteGround Web Hosting

The internet has become a popular way to make money.

While there are a lot of different side hustles on the web today, one of my favorites is affiliate marketing.

I was looking for a way to make money from home so I could take care of my elderly mom who lives with us, taking her to dr. appointments etc.

After doing lots and lots of internet searches on ways to make money online, and months of trying to decide which one was right for me,

It just came to my mind one day, to start my own website.

I wanted something that was all mine, that I have control over, put what I want on it, and to work from home when I want.

No boss standing over me telling me what to do.

Does that sound like something you would love to? Who wouldn’t right?

Now, it’s not just super easy, you still have to put work and effort into it, but that goes for anything really.

If you want it bad enough, you work for it.

Affiliate Marketing is no different. It takes patience, work, and putting in a lot of time and effort.

You won’t be able to quit your full-time job to start with but later on you possibly could make a full time income from your website.

It’s totally up to you, and like I said above, the effort that you put into it.

Since I started affiliate marketing, two of my favorite affiliate programs that I have joined are, Amazon Associates central and Shareasale.

They both have tons of products to choose from to promote and sale.

To get started, you first need to choose a domain name, it can take some time in choosing one that is right for your website.

Domain wheel is a good name generator to help with choosing a domain name.


It is recommended to choose a .com address as more people search through .com more than say a .org, or .net etc.

Then you will need somewhere to create your website, I use wordpress, it is pretty simple to use, even for beginners like me.

And the most important part is choosing a good web hosting provider to host your domain.

I use Siteground and highly recommend them for your web hosting.

I recommend SiteGround not just because I am an affiliate with them, but because of my experience that I have since using them as my provider.

I won’t go in to much detail about SiteGround here since I have written a previous post about them,

but I will say that SiteGround’s speed is awesome, super fast, that is what I love, but also, they have the best customer support and security.

SiteGround also has free wordpress installation and gets your website up and running in a few minutes with only a few clicks.

siteground, for your web hosting provider.

So basically that’s all you need to get your website started you should be able to get started for around 100 dollars, I did. That’s not bad to create something that is all yours.

I started out with the basics, the cheapest web hosting plan, “you can always upgrade later.”

WordPress also has tons of free themes and plugins to use to get you started. Like I said, you can upgrade later.

That’s it, then you are ready to design your website, and start writing great content/blog post to start driving traffic to your site.

Once you start getting traffic, then you can start your affiliate marketing.

Once you are ready, just go to their site, for example, Amazon Associates Central and sign up for their affiliate program, and once you are approved,

they will give you a special code to use when promoting products, and by using the special code,

when someone comes to your website and clicks on a product that you are trying to sell, they will be taken to the Amazon site,

and if they purchase through your site, you get a commission, and the nice thing is, they don’t even have to purchase the product that you are trying to sell,

it doesn’t matter what they purchase, if they go through your site and your special code, you still get the commission.

The main thing with affiliate marketing is traffic, you need traffic. So make sure you have a good SEO.

WordPress offers a variety of free plugins to get started, and Yoast SEO is great for driving traffic to your website.

For my farmhouse loving viewers, I have just opened my online store, you can visit by clicking on visit my store at the top of my website.

That is all that I have for this post.

Thanks for reading and I hope I helped someone that might be considering starting a website and becoming an affilaiate marketer in the future.

Hope you visit again soon!